Friends & Family Test

Friends and Family

What is the Friends and Family test?

Since its launch in 2013, more than 10 million pieces of patient feedback have been submitted. The FFT has been rolled out across most NHS services, including community care, hospitals, mental health services, maternity services, GP and dental practices, emergency care, patient transport and more.

How does it work?

When you complete your treatment or are discharged from a service, you’ll often be invited to complete the FFT. You may be asked while you are still on the premises to fill out a Paper questionnaire and place it in the box. Text messages will be sent out and you can use the link to the right hand side or click the below image.

How will the results be used?

Service providers will gather the results and analyse them rapidly to see if any action is required. The responses to the FFT question will be used to create an overall score, which will be published on this website. The comments, however, are retained by the service, to pass on to staff and managers

If you would like to fill out a questionnaire for yourself please see below;
Friends and Family Test
Overall, how was your experience of our service?


Every month the results that are collected through paper, online and text services are collated together to create the results. Please note due to covid this has been placed on hold.

What do Northgate Surgery Patients say about us.

“ You can’t improve on 100% Excellence”

“Always first class Service”

“Nothing, some of us appreciate how much you all do and offer with less and less Governmental resource and public confidence”

“The appointment I had today with the nurse was very good,  can’t see how it could be improved”  

“Your surgery should be the example the NHS uses for all others to aspire to.”

“I think we have a well run and considerate surgery with good staff and Doctors”

“Nothing as everybody is so polite and helpful, thank you.”

” I was extremely happy with the service I received today”

“Reception staff were warm, approachable and friendly as usual “

“Can’t improve on perfection!”

“I have no complaints whatsoever”

“Everything was fine and I got swift and sensitive treatment from my GP.  Thank you”

“Today was perfect Thank you.  I am not easily satisfied.”

“Excellent Service”

“Nothing, the staff always provide brilliant care”

“Can’t think of anything, very happy”

“Absolutely nothing.  Great staff and Doctors”

” Nothing, Northgate always gives 110%”


If you would like to view more reviews or maybe leave your own, Please click here to be taken to our NHS Page.