Meet the Team

Our Doctors

Dr Rosario M Vega (f)

MBBS, MRCGP (2010), MPH, DFSRH 1993         
Senior  Partner         
Other language: Spanish

Dr Vega is the Senior Partner and as such is responsible for maintaining our registration with the CQC. Dr Vega’s special interests are Women’s Health and Prostate Cancer and she runs the weekly coil and implant clinic. She is a qualified Trainer and works with the Trainee Physicians’ Assistants, Registrars and medical students who work within the Practice.  

She is also the Lead for Safeguarding and Child Health.

Dr Pauline S Riddett (f)

MBBS(Hons) 2007, DFFP 2011, nMRCGP 2012

Dr Riddett is responsible for ensuring that as many appointments are made available as possible for patients.  She oversees the booking of locums to ensure appointment levels are sufficient when staff are on holiday or off sick. She is a Director of our Primary Care Network which represents all the Practices in the locality. 

She is also the Business Lead in the Practice and makes sure the Practice is financially stable whilst providing the right service for our patients.  

Dr Kamal Ibrahim (m)

Other language: Arabic

Dr Ibrahim joined the Practice as a Partner in 2014.  His special interest is diabetes and he runs weekly diabetic review clinics.  He is also our Prescribing Lead and is responsible for ensuring that the Practice is working in line with current prescribing guidelines in a safe manner for our patients.  Dr Ibrahim also runs a minor surgery clinic every week.

Dr Annette Kemshell (f)

MBBS 2003  MRCGP 2012   

Dr Kemshell joined the Practice in March 2016. She has a special interest in mental health and end of life care, being responsible for the care of patients on our palliative care register. She also runs a minor surgery clinic every week.

She is a qualified trainer and supervises Trainee Registrars and Medical Students.

She also runs the Patient Group that meets four times a year and works with them on any initiatives that improve the service we provide to patients 

Dr Adam Clark (m)

Qualifications  MRCGP      
Salaried GP

Dr Clark carried out his last placement as a Registrar at Northgate before joining the surgery in August 2017.  He has an interest in prescribing issues and works jointly with Dr Brennan to ensure safe and efficient administration of prescription items.  Dr Clark also carries out tutorials for new Registrars who come to the Practice as well as taking a lead on improving the service we provide to the care homes we look after. He also runs weekly clinical meetings with colleagues which helps to promote shared learning.

Dr Joseph Brennan (m)

Qualifications MRCGP   
Salaried GP       

Dr Brennan joined Northgate in September 2017. He works jointly with Dr Clark on prescribing issues to ensure safe and efficient administration of medications.  Dr Brennan is a qualified trainer and takes an active role in mentoring and tutoring our Registrars and Medical Students. He also carries out a part-time teaching role with a local University.   Dr Brennan has a special interest in mental health issues and learning disabilities

Dr Suzanne Seddon (f)

Qualifications: MBBS, MRCGP   
Salaried GP

Dr Seddon worked for the Surgery as a Registrar and joined us as a salaried GP in August 2019. As well as providing a direct service to our patients, Dr Seddon will also help the Practice with ad hoc projects such as clinical audits, prescribing matters and chronic disease monitoring. She has a special interest in women’s health and safeguarding

Dr Samantha Wong (f)

Qualifications:  MBBS, MRCGP       
Salaried GP

Dr Wong works one day a week in Practice and this is usually a Wednesday. She also carries out a role outside the Practice as a teaching fellow at a local University.  She has an interest in mental health, social prescribing and rheumatoid arthritis. Dr Wong is currently on maternity leave.

Mrs Julia Baldwin (f)

Qualifications:  MBChB,          
Salaried GP

Dr Baldwin carried out her training with Northgate and joined us in August 2020.  As well as providing a direct service to our patients, Dr Baldwin will also help the Practice with ad hoc projects such as clinical audits, prescribing matters and chronic disease monitoring. She has a special interest in women’s health and safeguarding.

Dr Simon McGraw (m)

Qualifications: MCchB
Salaried GP

Dr McGraw joined the surgery April 2022 as a salaried GP. As well as providing a direct service to our patients, Dr McGraw will also run a Minor Surgery clinic once a week and help the Practice with ad hoc projects such as clinical audits, prescribing matters and chronic disease monitoring. He has a specialist interest in musculoskeletal problems.

We are not a limited Partnership

Our Clinical Practitioner Team

Jayne Thomas (f)
Advanced Clinical Practitioner and Manager of the Clinical Practitioner team. 

Jayne’s background is as a trained Paramedic and she joined us in the summer of 2017. She assists with assessing same day requests for appointments as well as carrying out home visits, seeing patients in clinic and liaising with the care homes in our Practice boundary to ensure our patients receive a high quality of care. She is also an independent Prescriber.  She is responsible for overseeing the work of the team of Clinical Practitioners.

Annette Critchley (f)

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Annette has a nursing background and before joining the Practice she worked in community roles for Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust. In her most recent post, she worked as part of the COVID home visiting team. At the Practice she sees patients in her own clinics, caries out home visits and assists the Doctor on call. Annette is also an Independent Prescriber.

Gail Newbold (f)
Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Gail has worked in general practice for many years and joined the surgery from another GP Practice in Leeds. She carries out triage, sees patients in her own clinics, carries out home visits and assists the GP on call. She has an interest in elderly care and is an independent Prescriber. She has a wealth of experience of dealing with patients with both undiagnosed conditions as well as patients with log term conditions.

Donna Rowley (f)
Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Donna is a qualified Nurse Practitioner and a prescriber.  She sees patients in her own clinics and does home visits.  She carries out reviews with patients with diabetic and respiratory long term conditions.  She has a keen interest in care for the elderly and is responsible for overseeing the care of patients in one of our care homes. She carries out a weekly ‘ward round’ at the care home as well as putting care plans in place for each resident. Donna also runs a spirometry clinic for the diagnosis of respiratory conditions such as COPD and Asthma.

Briony Parkinson (f)
Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Briony worked as a paramedic before joining the Practice. She carries out triage, home visits and sees patients in her own clinics. Having worked as a Paramedic, she is used to dealing with patients with acute conditions and has a lot of experience of attending to patients in their own homes. Briony is currently studying to become an Advanced Clinical Practitioner and attends University one day a week. She is at present undertaking her prescribing course. Once qualified she is also keen to specialise in a long term condition such as diabetes or respiratory.

Our Nursing Team

Shelley Hopwood (f)
Nurse Manager

Shelley specialises in the management of our diabetic patients as well as carrying out a wide range of other practice nurse duties such as immunisations, travel vaccinations, wound care, ear care etc.  As Nurse Manager, she is also responsible for supervising and overseeing the work of the nursing team as a whole which includes mentoring any of her team that are learning new skills.

Louise Smith (f)

Louise joined us from a community nursing background and provides a whole range of Practice Nurse skills for our patients such as smears, wound dressings and immunisations, as well as carrying out Asthma and COPD reviews. She is currently training to carry out Spriometry.  She is also responsible for our Learning Disability health checks. 

Tiffany Green (f)

Tiffany is an experienced nurse who joined us from a hospital setting. She has a wide range of nursing skills such as immunisations, travel vaccinations, wound care etc.  She is currently training to take smears and is undertaking her respiratory diploma.

Healthcare Assistants

HCAs support Practice Nurses with their daily work and carry out tasks such as phlebotomy (drawing blood), blood pressure measurement, diabetic checks, ECGs and vaccinations and Health Checks. They may act as a chaperone when a patient or doctor requests one as well as assisting Doctors with Minor Operations and Coil clinics. We have 5 Health Care Assistants:-

Mrs Darby Bradshaw

Mrs Carol-Ann Flynn

Mrs Michaela Peel

Mrs Louise Firth – Louise is currently on maternity leave

Mrs Katie Langowski

Our Practice Team

The Practice Manager and Deputy Practice Manager are involved in managing all of the business aspects of the practice such as making sure that the right systems are in place to provide a high quality of patient care, human resources, finance, patient safety, premises and equipment and information technology. They support the GPs and other medical professionals with delivering patient services and also help to develop extended services to enhance patient care.

Rebecca Clegg

Practice Manager

Charlotte Barter

Assistant Practice Manager


The administration team deal with a wide variety of paperwork that comes in to the Practice. They handle requests from solicitors for medical records and medical reports for employers as well as dealing with the registration of new patients and the processing of all clinical letters from hospitals and other places of care. They also co-ordinate the chronic disease review clinics.


This Results Clerk is responsible for giving out test results to Patients. They also remind Patients of any repeat tests that they may require.


The Prescription Clerk deals with all the repeat prescriptions that you may need, including on-line requests. She also reminds patients when a medication review is due.


We also host endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy clinics that are held several times a week. Patients do not have to be a patient of this Practice to come to us for an investigation. The clerical team at Northgate help to run the administration of these clinics in conjunction with the main booking office in Leeds. The Clerks are in charge of processing clinics and rebooking patients that may need a further appointment. We are proud to say that the facility at Northgate Surgery has recently received JAG accreditation which is not easily achievable and is confirmation of a high standard of excellence.


Receptionists provide an important link for patients with the practice and are your initial contact point for general enquiries. They can provide basic information on services and direct you to the right person depending on your health issue or query. Receptionists make routine appointments with the GPs and nurses.


The secretarial team deal with all general correspondence between patients and the Doctors as well as referrals to Consultants (both private and NHS) and medical reports. They also deal with general enquiries relating to the Choose and Book appointment service and chase up any letters that a Doctor may need in relation to your care. The Secretaries also help book, cancel and re-arrange appointments should you need any help.

Other Staff

Muhammad, Sebeca and Aliya are qualified Clinical Pharmacists.  They are experts in medication issues. They are involved in medication reviews, answering queries you may have about your medication, making sure you are on the right medications after a stay in hospital and liaising with local pharmacies. In-house Pharmacists are becoming more and more common as part of the team of clinicians who are working on our patients’ behalf.  Because they are experts in their field, medication issues are often best placed to be dealt with by a Pharmacist, rather than a GP.  Please click the link below for a detailed description of what their role is:-

What is a clinical pharmacist?

Mr Muhammad Ali (MPharm)
Clinical Pharmacist

 Mrs Sebeca Hussain (f)
Clinical Pharmacist

Ms Aliya Aslam (f)
Clinical Pharmacist

Miss Sadiya Tabassum
Pharmacy Technician

Health Visitors

A health visitor is a registered nurse who has received training particularly related to babies, children and pregnant women.


Community Nurses

Health and Well-being Workers

Mental Health Nurse